Finding Nymo

Listen to the titletrack:


1: One Word (01:10)
2: Obstler (05:22)

Italian Suite:
3: When In Rome (04:10)
4: Valse Trieste (05:53)
5: Molto Alghero (06:29)

6: Finding Nymo (06:49)
7: MoonCrier (07:37)

8: Knegg (Dark Horse) (03:54)
9: Bryk (Omkalfatra) (07:52)
10: Lullaby of Broltesia (03:50)

Music Composed by Helge Sunde

ACT CD 9492-2


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Ensemble Denada:
Frode Nymo / soprano saxophone, solo on 5 & 6
Børge Are Halvorsen / alto saxophone (2, 3, 6, 8 & 9, solo on 2), flute (5 & 6), alto flute (4, 5, 7 & 10)
Atle Nymo / tenor saxophone, solo on 4, 5 & 6, bass clarinet (7)
Nils Jansen / bass saxophone (2, 3, 8 & 10, solo on 10), tubax (5 & 6), contra alto clarinet (4 & 9), flute (5)
Frank Brodahl / lead trumpet
Marius Haltli / trumpet, solo on 8
Anders Eriksson / trumpet & flugelhorn
Even Kruse Skatrud / lead trombone, solo on 8
Erik Johannessen / trombone, solo on 9
Arild Hillestad / trombone
Helge Sunde / trombone,-solo on 7
Olga Konkova / grand piano, solo on 7 & 9
Jens Thoresen / guitar, solo on 3
Per Mathisen / acoustic bass, solo on 9
Håkon Mjåset Johansen / drums & percussion
Marilyn Mazur / percussion
Peter Baden & Helge Sunde / electronics
Ida (Pida) Sunde / vocoder & vocals (1)
Henrik Rinde Sunde / snoring (10)
Directed and edited by Helge Sunde

Liner notes

One word
one stone

in a cold stream

One more stone—

I'll need many stones

if I'm going to get over.

One word
I have had this poem by Norwegian poet Olav H.Hauge one my desktop for many years, and  I thought it was a nice start to this record, since it to me is about the struggle of making music or poetry, or simply about life. The vocoder voice is the voice of my daughter Ida, nicknamed ”Idapida” just like one of the compositions on our first ACT album ”DENADA”.
Since ”DENADA” was released in 2007 we have traveled around Europe, and some of the places we have visited have later become titles to new compositions, like the 3 Italian  cities we visited in the spring of 2007. 


Before we went to Italy we went to a festival on the border between Germany and Austria. We travelled by bus into the fields and hills of Austria and stopped at a farm where the farmer had thrown out all the animals and hay and had the farm rebuilt into a festival scene called ”Jazz am Bauernhof”. After the concert we went to the building next door where we got a bottle of something called Obstler and  I assure you, we had a really god time at the farm.

When in Rome

Later on we went to Italy, driving through Rome in rush hour with scooters driving like maniacs between the cars. The title might also indicate that this is the closest this band  ever have been to sound like a conventional old school big band.

Valse Trieste

Trieste is a harbourtown near the border of Slovenia, and of course the title had to be ”Valse Trieste”, a tenor feature for Atle Nymo.

Molto Alghero

When we landed on Sardinia there was a heavy thunderstorm with rain flooding in the streets and the gig was almost cancelled. Fortunately the rain stopped just in time, and we had a wonderful evening, resulting in, not Molto Allegro, but ”Molto Alghero”.

Finding Nymo

In EnsembleDenada we have the two fantastic brothers Frode and Atle Nymo playing saxophone, and  I had to write something special for them, and the title had to be, not Finding Nemo, but ”Finding Nymo”


I leave the explanation of this title to those interrested in riddles and anagrams


Knegg is a Norwegian name for a certain horsesound, (wiehen) since my 4 year old son claimed the first time he heard the sketches for this; ”its a horse-song!”


When I grew up I used to practice in my grandmothers livingroom, and at some point I was listening to some homemade noise and she yelled ”turn of that noise”, and I replied; ”but grandmother, I made that music!”. She came in through the door and listened for  half a minute and said: ”but that sounds great!”. ”Bryk” is a dialect word  for noise.

Lullaby of Broltesia

The last titles on this record is a lullaby from a fantasyland where everyone listens to jazz played by large ensembles, where airline tickets for musicians is for free, and artists don´t have to pay taxes 
The perfect lullaby instrument is of course Nils Jansens´bass Saxophone, and the snoring at the end is performed on the island Lopud in the Adriatic sea this summer by my son Henrik.

Finding Nymo

Recorded by

Jan Erik Kongshaug & Peer Espen Ursfjord

at Rainbow Studio, Oslo, Norway,

October 17 – 18, 2008 & January 17 – 18, 2009

Additional recordings by

Bjarne Hansen & Mads Mølgaard Helbæk

at STC Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 21, 2009


Mixed by Helge Sunde & Jan Erik Kongshaug


Produced by Helge Sunde

Executive Producer: Anders Eriksson


One Word”: poem by Olav H. Hauge, english translation by Robert Bly, used by permission

Samples on "Italian Suite" used by permission from